Our plugin is 100% GPL. For that reason, you, as the end user, have the right to obtain benefits from our product under the terms and conditions designated by GPL.

GPL stands for the GNU General Public License, which is a free (not to be confused with the gratuitousness) software license guaranteeing end users freedom to utilize, modify and distribute the legally obtained software as they may in their discretion think fit and proper. Being a copyleft license, GPL grants the right to view the source code and thus pursue plugin development. Still, this perspective is not devoid of virality, meaning that any product based on the original version and therefore redistributed in the market will be similarly licensed under GPL.

The GNU General Public License aims at protecting the rights of both software developers and end users identically. It ensures a more secure environment, provides legal clarity, protects against the vendor lock in and creates clear incentives for the provider to deliver first-class services and support.